Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Chicken Wings and Outsider Poetry

I just remembered I bought frozen chicken wings earlier at the Dollar Store and this makes me happy. Also, I just took a cupful of Milk of Magnesia for no particular good reason, so tonight should be getting a little more interesting.

I say more interesting because Jenny is in Milwaukee with the kids, and a huge storm was supposed to move into town, but now it's early evening and not much of anything is happening at all. I managed to get some of my errands done, then waited for the storm. But it never came.

Then I really got sick of sitting on the couch and started thinking about the next book from Zombie Logic Press. It will combine elements of outsider and Outlaw poetry. I have no idea what direction it will take us or the Rock River Literary Series in, but I feel excited because uncertainty is what leads us in new directions we hadn't anticipated.

The Blood Dark Sea was a great book of Outlaw Poetry, maybe the best one published in a long time, but this book is going to be something completely different. I envision it combining elements of spoken word, short poetry, and affirmation along with images of this place. 

Here I am eating fried bread in powdered sugar in New Orleans. Why? I don't know. No one is here,

It was while Jenny and I were in New Orleans that I received a message from our next writer that he was ready to start his book. Then he proposed the book I described earlier, which is somewhat what I expected. 

I have been using the Fiery Blast of Will potion I got at a magick shop on Royal Street like cologne lately. I should make the most of this night and update as many blogs as I can, eat those chicken wings, let that Milk of Magnesia kick in, light some candles, and wait for the storm of the century to come and clean this barn out.