Sunday, July 31, 2016

Why Don't Outsider Poets Run For Political Office

With today's  new gaffe by Donald Trump stating that Russia will never invade the Ukraine, when Russia has already in fact invaded the Ukraine, the question was raised: if a moron as dishonest, sleezy, and just plain idiotic as Donald Trump can run for President, why can't Outsider Poets run for political office, too? 

Plato famously excluded poets from his utopia because they were too emotional to make rational decisions, but what about prospective politicians just too godamn stupid and dishonest to make rational decisions, like Donald Trump? Are they fit to run for public office according to Plato.

Of course. Because Plato was a moron, too. 

In other news, we watched the first two episodes of Stranger Things last night.

It sucked.

In the first scene some pre-teen boys are playing Dungeons and Dragons in a basement, and the one who is playing Dungeon Master springs the demon prince Demogorgon on the party his three friends are adventuring with. They debate frantically if they should cast a Fireball or a protection spell, which is irrelevant because Demogorgon has 95% magical resistance. Then one of the boys disappears, and is apparently somewhere hiding from a demonic entity similar to Demogorgon. 

I think more poets should have magical resistance, then run for public office. 

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