Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Outsider Poet Writes Second Children's Book

"It's hard to tell people what you meant when you didn't mean anything at all," says Outsider Poet and two-time children's book author Thomas L. Vaultonburg when asked about his latest book Atrocious Poems A To Z. "Children understand this instinctually," he goes on to say, "It's only adults who have this mania to make sure everything is defined and orderly." 

"Most of it doesn't mean anything at all," says Thomas L. Vaultonburg about his book Atrocious Poems A To Z. 

The art from the book, done by Vaultonburg's co-creator and real life partner Jenny Mathews, will be included in an exhibit at the Rockford Art Museum beginning June 9th and running through October 1st. "Maybe Jenny's art has some meaning. That's probably why it's going to be in a museum and I'm here talking to you," he says with a benign snarl. He isn't enjoying our interview at all, and tells me why...

"Ten years ago I might have had rehearsed answers to your questions about what something means, or what message I was trying to convey, but I gave up on having answers to those questions long ago. The only real and true answer I can give you is that I've been throwing shit at the wall so long I don't know how to stop. If any of it stick you get to decide what it means. I certainly don't know."

Atrocious Poems A To Z is at the printer and can be ordered here 

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